Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A surprise mail day!

You know there must be some lovely quote I can find to describe the wonderful feeling a friend gives one! Just by being themselves; who they are! But then they go and 'do' somthing that just adds to the good feeling and so it is with a lovely art friend, Firuzan. Look what she surprised me with in the mail the other day!
The package was ripped open (by me in a state of excitement) and inside, a treasure stash of fabby things: handmade jewellery made by Firuzan, and wire sculptures that are so small and so sweet that she also designs and makes, a bracelet of curled cinnamon bark and one of whole cloves, lovely tidbits of seeds, seedpods, dried berries and acorns (Turkish acorns with hats very different from Canadian ones!), a hand sewn silk bag with delicate tassels on the drawstring filled with glass beads (they look like fisheyes),

and a little package of whole coffee beans that smells like chocolate, and a big bag of already ground for a turkish coffee maker coffee (real Turkish coffee!!),

and a stone in the perfect shape of a real egg,

and 3 more heart rocks! Well 2 heart rocks and one that I think may be green glass. It is a perfect green heart that is transparent in a wave-swept way. These I will add to my bowl of heart rocks that Firuzan had already sent to me a few months ago!
She also enclosed a greeting card with a warm message, and pictures of her magical garden, and flowers, and gold edged leaves and all wrapped up in tulle! Olive green and brown tulle.

My heart is bursting with joy! Thank you Firuzan!

To see her art and magic spot go here!

p.s. I found a quote. There are many suitable but this one spoke for me today:

"Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul"



  1. so many lovely treasures!! lucky you!!!

  2. such a nice gift! you have a great friend x
    I LOVE your little birds too ! they are so sweet.
    I just came over to say thank you for the great comments you give my work and many thanks for the photo link to my owl giveaway
    Julie x

  3. Oh it is a pleasure Julie, to share in your generous art giveaway! Your site is fun and you are a talent. *smiles* Norma

  4. Oh my gpsh, what a lovely surpirse and and even lovlier friend. xox Corrine

  5. Sweet treats indeed!! Enjoy your new bounty.


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