Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Altered Matchbox Swap!

Karla! You outdid yourself! I received the Halloween package containing the altered matchbox you made for me. I cannot even describe all of the goodies in there. How did you ever stuff them all in that package?! Granted some lovelies were on the outside as we were allowed for this swap, but really it is amazing what you managed to fit into this goody bag for me!

I love my Halloween chic flat paper artdoll. Her face is oh so green with a delicate golden shimmer overlay. Her spider logo on her top is fabby! Spiders rule!!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the bit inside of the covering case she came in and the paint decor you gave it is spookily chic! Love the gold trim. Your recycling design sense is over the top. Love the paint chip idea.

You can believe I am going to brew a cuppa 'Autumn Spiced Tea' [pumpkin spice] while I sit and enjoy the small accordion book you made with a matching cover for it to snug in to.

The variety of jewellery and boxes and tidbits are delicious! I have a little 'day of the dead' vignette set up in my hallway and the fuzzy leg bejewelled spider has joined the frey there. The spider captured in the tin is great too!

And I will put the special stash of glitter to good use around here.

Thanks again Karla! You are a creative force!!


  1. Booty galore in this giftie. YOu have nice friends. xox Corrine

  2. Karla aways makes and send such great things. Enjoy, and Happy Hollow to you.
    Lesley :)


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