Monday, June 8, 2009

Flapper Doll

Hi everyone! I've been busy making 47 'pages' for two itty bitty books, and 16 one of a kind drawn and watercolored book marks for 3 swaps that I am in. So I haven't blogged. I've been thinking about you though and hoping that you are happy creating the things that make this world of ours liveable!

I am catching up with my own swaps at the yahoo group that my daughter and I own. The theme for May was flapper and so today I whipped this off. The head, arms and legs are from templates already made and ready to use. The dress is just cut out as a one of a kind so there's no template for it. The scan is misleading visually as the yellow flower on her cloche is not that yellow but it's all I can show for now. Take care everyone! Hugs, Norma


Your comments make my day! Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you soon, I hope, *smiles* Norma


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