Thursday, April 30, 2009


Memory is a Net...

My most recent paper artdoll made for my swap partner at the Yahoo group that my daughter and myself own. It's here:

You are all invited to come visit and join in if you are interested in trying out the artform yourself, learning new techniques, and meeting new friends. We have a blast!

Well I cut a new template that I used for the first time with this doll. It's the tail section and I had a lot of creative fun doing the collage on it, painting, and etc. I just want to do mermaids, mermaids, mermaids. Girls just want to have fun, right? But I have some swap commitments to complete before I re-visit this template.

I cut it from plastic packaging material and have to say that it was a tough go. Next time I plan to try out a clear plastic (I think 10 mil. but am not's written down somewhere in my purse. Oh hello!), that is used for cover stock in the making of a spiral bound booklet. I came across this in a quick print shop and immediately knew that it was worth a trial effort. I will let you know how successful this went for me...when I next cut a template that is! The mermaid's arms are from the Audrey template, and her head of course measured against the scale of the Audrey head template. So the library of silhouettes is growing. You say sherrenschnitte; I say scherenschnitt...

Ta for now and creative hugs, Norma

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  1. Hi Norma,
    I've tried to email you twice, but it bounced back.

    My email is tatterededge at shaw dot ca

    :) Lelainia


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