Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Butterfly Catcher

Butterfly Catcher
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I was out in the forest yesterday in the early evening down on my knees peering upside down trying to find spitbugs on the underside of my hydrangeas when I spotted a small child wearing the most interesting pair of wings. He was carefully walking along a small path and so I kept quite still so as not to startle him. When he neared I whispered oh so softly...that is quite the pair of wings you are wearing young man... He shyly looked up at me and told me that he was a butterfly catcher and what he did was collect cocoons that were in jeopardy and take them to a place where they were safe until they were ready to 'hatch' is what he called it. I told him that it was the most unusual and beautiful chrysalis that I had ever seen and wished him well with his endeavors. He smiled quixotically and continued on his path tenderly holding the bundle.

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