Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pink Horse

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DC No. 192: Pink Horse

Well, judging from my last post it looks like it took just under a month to get my dining table up and running and back to normal (ahem). This is what it looks like right now, March 21st, that is:

I got a neat little wood display case that is very narrow, wall hung and with a glass door. Perfect for my little books. Just bringing your attention to it as it contains a few books at the moment.

So working on the dining table was impossible and I moved over to my other actual work table, equally messy but where I work most. My work desk is overlooked (freudian slip) by a religious figure as I do need help in the cleaning department:

Most times I feel like the saying in the post card:

I knew I was going to do a little book with a pamphlet binding. Here's a pile of visuals and I chose the horses on the post card for the front cover:

I made a selection of papers from my favourite paper mill (Canadian I am proud to say.):

Then I went to 'the SUITCASE':

The suitcase contains paper, and I opened it:

I'd found an image of two horses, one of them pink, that I liked and had chosen. Perhaps I should use this pink gun found in the suitcase? Perhaps not:

I surveyed my pencil crayons:

And then got down to work.

I was laying in bed waiting to go to sleep the other night, when a flash of an idea came to me: why not use the 'channel' where the blade runs along to slice through paper, on my paper cutter to draw a crease in paper to act as a fold line? Wouldn't the width of the bone folder I have run along that channel nicely? Honestly, I don't see why not is what I said to myself just before I drifted off. And then forgot about the whole brilliant idea upon waking the following morning!

Until I remembered it earlier this day. It launched me. I have had the idea for a long time, that a person (me!) could make things from what they (me!) already has. So I jumped up, found some suitable paper and tried the running the bone folder along the channel to score a piece of paper idea. SUCCESS.

That was the leap off of the tall diving board, creatively speaking. I decided that I could make a little book and be a host of the wonderful paper swap for this week at the same time. So I rushed to action, sourcing out things in my home.

Time for some words. I went through the stack of books I keep for cutting up and as I scanned the pages, really, a story evolved on its' own from the first page I looked at. Suddenly the picture I chose now has a story to it. And it's taken on a life of its' own. This is the muse at work. A surprise for me, and a surprise for you at the same time...I think this booklet might be a story about two gay guys. It's called PINK HORSE, starting from an image of two horses, one a pinkish hue. And I chose a bunch of pinky, purple papers to do a collage with and beyond that I knew not what it would be. But, I found a picture that I've been long long in love with and decided to use it in the centre (chosen mostly for the pink tie and purple vest in the image) and then stumbled across some lines on a page in an old book, and a story emerged. All by itself. I think it is about a jockey. Is he a former jockey? Did he retire? Get kicked out of the community? Feel shamed in some way? Maybe he is still working...a current jockey. In any event, he is feeling sad. I decided to tuck his friend into a pocket in the previous page so our jockey can just get a glimpse of him. Perhaps his friend is just a memory. Or a fantasy of the night. We really do not know.

So the idea popped into my head to search for the 'pansies' image I have somewhere...somewhere...I began the search...and didn't find pansies (though now that I think of it, pansies would be 'guilding the lily',) but came across a bookmark with the word COCK written in large pink letters and I'm thinking of using it to tuck into the pocket with the friend. And then I came across another little box of papers which contains quotes, and the first quote I came upon says: " Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls, because the spirit was said to be carried in one's breath." Okay that quote will definitely be tucked in with his friend in the pocket. On with the search. Be back soon.

Well it didn't take long. I found a cover image. And so I'm going to throw out the whole idea of doing a collage on the front cover. I'm only going to use the horses image from the very first bookmark cover design idea. Back to searching...aaaaaaaand it's done! Quickly, I came across a pink horse (another one), pink lipstick, and an image of a Japanese actor with a lipstick 'cross' over the lips. Perfect. Now time to dig out the glue.

Okay this is getting to be too much. Even for me. A believer (in the muse; in serendipity.) I was cutting out the pink horse image to start to glue it down, and swished away a section of my messy work desk, and what fell onto my lap? The following quote: "My inner male loves and supports me." Nuff said.

I just cut and pasted and glued to my heart's content and here is the finished book. It's a small 'pocket' book with only 6 pages plus the front and back cover, but it is a story complete unto itself nonetheless. The inside pages being planned:

Our fella is feeling very sad indeed:

All of the images have been chosen:

And the binding selected:

And the book, completed. Here's shots of inside pages, and front and back covers:

The last photo is the front cover. The title of the book is "Pink Horse" and it tells the story of a man who is very sad. The visuals show pink lipstick, a Japanese actor with a lipstick cross "X" on his lips, 3 different pink horses, and other horses so perhaps this guy is a jockey. There are a quote and an affirmation about the 'inner male' and about 'a kiss', and the word COCK written in large capital letters. Two pockets hold some of these things.

Well, my muse took me on quite the journey this time round. I do not judge my muse, only obey.

Thank you for joining in for this week's drawing challenge and I hope you've all had a blast and I know I'm going to have a blast visiting your sites to see what you have done. Bye for now, and thanks for dropping in. All the best to you, with love, Norma, x

P.S. If you want to join in on this drawing challenge just leave a comment below on this post. I'll make a list of who is joining in this time.

THE PLAYERS: TammieLee, Melodye, Veronica, Lucia, Mano, Ariane, Nadine,


  1. hello,

    love that you followed your muse on such a great adventure! plus it turned into a book!

    two posts back i shared my newly created pink horse! imagine the timing, just a little too soon for the challenge, but maybe we both were inspired by pink horses at the same time?

    I would love to join you. I can see another pink horse in my future.

    Sweet spring to you!

    1. Tammie, great minds work alike! I somehow missed that! Could you link your original pink horse project here?

    2. hi Melodye, this is it:

  2. I'm in, although...It'll be quite the challenge to find a pink horse to photograph, lol. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

  3. So much fun! I love that you've gone and made a whole book from a whim. Fantastic. I'd love to join in. Hmm, now to find a pink horse. :D

  4. i have literally NO idea. let me get back to you. n♥

  5. Dear Norma,
    first: I do not know, which horse I will ride but I am in.
    Second: Your beautiful mail arrived here today. Thank you so much. Now it is my turn.
    See you later this Weekend.

  6. dear norma, I'm a bit late, but I want to play with you and a pink horse!
    love, mano

  7. Dear Norma,
    my PINK HORSES are online, now:
    Wonderful, how you have followed your muse, that's true inspiration! And it has become a beautiful little book! Thank you for hosting!
    Love, Ariane. Rose

  8. I love hearing about your wonderful creative adventure Norma. I read it earlier this week, and was hoping to find some creative time to join in - but the muse took me elsewhere this week. Pink horses definitely had me thinking though!

  9. i read your hilarious (might i say so?) post last week, before i realised this was also your full length post. great, i was thinking; some good advise on an otherwise fickle subject. well, i started writing and no horse popped up, not even from my plastic bag filled with plastic farm animals. i suspect a horse was never my intention. so i concocted a little something else, probaby still very much inspired by your post.
    you will find my modest rambling here... http://woolfenbell.blogspot.be/2016/04/drawing-pink-horse-trying.html
    and a jolly good sunday to you!
    ps-the swap has left the building and is traveling up to canada as we speak! whooh-hooh!!

  10. Lucia's link is not working, this is the right ont:

  11. So nice to have found your blog, dear Norma.
    See you soon


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