Saturday, April 5, 2014


dc133: nest

I'm showing you two bird nests that I've done in my artwork in the past. I am working on a little book as we speak but it is drying so I'll wait until tomorrow to take a photograph to show you. Meanwhile, here is one nest project:
It's an a.t.c. that I made for a trade. The nest is of spanish moss and feathers from my budgie bird and contains one small egg. Here's the batch of a.t.c.s being painted for the trade I was in: And here is a flat paper artdoll that I traded. I used to own with my daughter, for two years, a yahoo group where we traded artdolls each month. This doll has a bird cage for a skirt and a resident has come to live in it!!!
So there are two nests I've done. For more nests see Ariane's spot. Thank you for coming by to visit today. I hope to see you again tomorrow. Bye for now, hugs, Norma, x


  1. the bird in the nest is very beautiful! it looks so romantic.
    and the idea with the cage as a skirt and a bird inside - wow! we could go deep inside an interpretation, o lala, love it!
    x Stefanie

  2. As Stefanie, I could go deep inside an interpretation,
    dear Norma ;-) A birdcage as a crinoline!... Love it!
    Your red bird with nest is sweet, including the feathers from your budgie bird.
    Thank you for come running and playing. All the best for your projects... little book!

    xo Ariane.

  3. This is so creative Norma. How did you paint all the birds to look exactly alike? Art trades are such a fun thing to do and a great way to share and get your hands on some great new art.

    It's been so long since I've visited so I'm off to look at your other posts. xo

  4. A really eye catching ATC. I Love the little bird.

  5. this was a theme so very much up your street! i simply adore that nesting inside a skirt thingy, it is magical, and comical too. i mean, i imagine this, right? hee hee... good jobs! n♥

  6. I knew you'd have a good version on this theme Norma! and I'm especially drawn to the cage- very intriguing :) and of course well done as always !

  7. amazing that you paint your bird over and over for each piece, very special. they are each wonderful as is your lady with the bird cage skirt.

  8. your bird nest atc is spectacular!! it is so beautifully designed and done..your attention to minute detail is amazing..your art is always eye candy!!!! your art doll..magnificent!!!!!

  9. Wonderful how the nest comes alive by the little things you've used.

  10. What fun here, as always Norma. Happy week, sus

  11. Hi Norma, I like to see the work step by step. because it's like watching the artist at work. and learn a lot. Each artist has their own ways to reach the end result, that is so interesting to watch, for me as the finished work

  12. Norma that is beautiful as is your comment on my blog...thank you, what lovely words to wake up to! xxxxx


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