Sunday, October 6, 2013

Paper cup and saucer

DC117: Cup
I made a paper cup with saucer for your drawing challenge and to honour your birth day! May you have the happiest of times, and may you enjoy the best of health and the most fun creating your beautiful art! Thank you for hosting this week's drawing challenge dear Stefanie! I've missed the whole month of September somehow! I did have fun though. Well, hello everyone! Nice to see you again. For those of you wanting to view the art offered in this drawing challenge with the theme of cup, click on to Stefanie (the birthday gal) above. You'll be transported to a world where much eye candy and good feelings dwell. See you again soon, I hope! Norma, xo


  1. Hi Norma! I love how you've created a cup and saucer with paper one wouldn't instantly think of using when decorating a tea cup. Spiders! How clever.
    PS is the Britannia Branch library still open? I went there as a child with dad when I was working on school projects if the Dunbar or Kerrisdale branches didn't have the book I needed.
    Have a great week. xo Carole

    1. Carole, I absolutely KNEW you'd notice the Britannia Branch. Yes, Britannia is still thriving. I am there a lot. You sound great and I hope your week is fabby too! N, xo

  2. hi norma, I'm happy to see you again :-)) !
    your spider cup is great - it remembers me to gossamer, indian summer, fall...
    wish you a good and creative time, mano

  3. Hello Norma dear, and welcome back - I am glad you chose to pick up this cup of challenge- your paper creation is very cool. Best wishes,

  4. Dear Norma, hello and thank you so very much for your wishes and your great cup, I simply love it, the spider is adorable!
    x Stefanie

  5. hi norma, so nice to meet you!
    first i felt in love with that wonderful mushroombooklet in the past post! now your papercup - so great!
    have a fine week!

  6. Hello Norma, glad that you're back again and I guess this cup is my favorite so far - brave gal that you chose a spider, I wouldn't have done it, because I would think the others would be scared - obviously not...
    Great work, again!

  7. Oh! A strong cup I must say! I love the idea with the spider, that is a whole different kind of cup! Love it and the pictures you made of it with that background!

  8. such a great cup
    and i like the spider!!

    Patrice A.

  9. Dear Norma,
    oh, what a nice, delicate cup + saucer... and that spider! Together a great excitement :)

    I have missed you and hope that you will play next week again with us. Kristen will be our hostess... so please stay tuned.

    xo Ariane.

  10. Super cup Norma!! I love the spider- reminds me of a fairy tale somewhere... a little creepy but altogether delightful :)

    I'm host next week if your up to it- so nice to see you again it has been awhile!! :)

  11. i'm sure i'm loving the cup, norma, but deffo have to look away for its HUGE inhabitant...

  12. that one's really great! thanks for your so kind words — and i think norma sounds a bit like orla aswell :) best wishes! °ulma

  13. your lovely cup fits this time of the year, good to see again one of your fairy-tale creations, your eye for detail, your love for words and little messages.
    wishing you an October even more fun then your September my dear, xx

  14. such a perfect October cup and saucer with scary spiders.....
    wonderful creation

  15. Hi Norma, I love this little cup is a work of art!

    do not call me Mister Talent, please, you make me blush.

    My secret is to do things without thinking twice, ha ha!
    I see you in Homage???

  16. Great!! I had to look twice to realise it's paper! Looks like real porcelain!

  17. What a beautiful cup and saucer! I love it! I have wanted to make a paper cup for so long, and it is still sitting on my 'want to make' list - one day it will hopefully happen. Yours is an inspiration!


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