Saturday, August 17, 2013

Beds I Like and My Bed

dc112bed and board 

I started out looking for images of sidetables and maybe headboards that I like which was my planned contribution to the drawing challenge this week. I got stuck on beds, beds, beds. So I am staying with the bed idea. Here are a few that I like and they are ALL from the same site which I'll link to at the end.
And here is my real bed. Well it is a picture of the pretty-much exact same style. It is high off of the floor which I love, and it has the top part on which I drape with fabric according to my whim. Mine is very faded green (the colour of patinated copper) with red contrast. Pictures are painted on the headboard sections and Kali complete with snake is on the very center. Everything is so weathered I don't even wash it. I just give it a light dusting. One day, out of the blue, my Indian neighbour Kim, gave me the bed. It's from India and she used to own a furniture store so she'd get a whole shipment of Indian things to sell. This bed was just leaning against a wall in her garage. I love my bed.
The drawing challenge this week was chosen by our beautiful host Ariane and to see more interesting visuals and art and wonderful surprises, just click on the link and she will take you to such inspiring places. Thank you for dropping in today. I hope to see you again, soon, Norma. Most of the bed images are from my most favourite interior design blog, AN INDIAN SUMMER.


  1. These all look so cozy. It makes me want to crawl back in mine on this gray and lazy day!

  2. I'm afraid all of these beds have made me insanely jealous. My bedroom is always trashed, mainly because it has to double as my art studio. I love the rooms that have a wall of windows.

  3. Wow, what great spaces! I love your description of your bedroom! I love high off the floor beds too! What an interesting challenge ~*~Lisa

  4. you have a fine, FINE bed!
    like you i like my bed high off the floor
    but ours is not as fine as yours
    and thanks for the link
    these are wonderful!!

    Patrice A.

  5. Wow, all this wonderful beds and did you realize that all beds have this bohemian creative easy artistic style in common like your own I assume. With the look a likes and your description of your own bed with the fabric and the faded color am I eager to see it!
    love, BarbaraBee

  6. whoaah! yeah!
    what pleasant night retreat you have...
    and i love the bohemian selection you show. i think i really am in love with the japanese suggestion, albeit a little too close to the floor for comfort...

  7. Norma, dear Norma,
    oh, this a bed for a Queen, for sure, a dream comes true :)
    I like it off the floor, too, and with the 4 stakes and connections between it is like a room in a room, very calmy and easy to feel safe, right? And the colours, patinated copper... beautiful.

    Thank you for playing and for the link... it's wonderful!


  8. What a fun bed tour, Norma! I like best beds 4 and 5, but your own bed is fabulous, too, and the image of Kali is a fabulous thing to have on a bed. xxoo, sus

  9. Oh what beautiful beds Norma! I am excited to say that we just bought a new bed this week, it won't be here for a few weeks, but I am still very excited. Not as unique and beautiful as yours, but I am sure I will love it! I also was just on the Alaskan coast yesterday, and brought home a few bits of ferns that I am pressing - Can't wait to make something with them, and although late for your fern challenge I will post it when it is complete. Have a wonderful week.

  10. So many beautiful rooms! I could get lost in them all! and your own bed is amazing! must be so happy to get into it every night :)

  11. Wow...every single one is inviting and just fills the senses...real works of art these bedrooms!

  12. What an amazing collection of beautiful beds! I would be happy to spend a night in each in only one of those for ever, haha!

    Your bed is wonderful and special, I love sleeping above the ground, too. Well, I should, because I have a bunk bed within my 3.50 metres high room! ;o))

    My bed & board contribution is late, but finally finished, so you're invited to hop over. :o)


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