Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fairy Postcards from the edge of the forest...

"I like spiders and I like nettles
because they are so hated; and because
nothing is heard in their favor
and that everything
chastens their sad desire."
-Les Contemplations, Victor Hugo

A small word about Samuel. She is a spider who was thought to be male when he was found soaking wet and still, laying in the rotting leaves along the river that runs through the Fairy Hedgepig Kingdom. Fairyyellowbug came across him when she was seeking solitude that day. She wrapped him in a dry leaf and brought him home to her studio. There he recovered with thimbles full of hot chocolate and she named him Samuel. Later when she asked him if she wanted a 'girls' name she said no, she liked Samuel. So Samuel it remains and she does not like to be called Sam for short.

She found a place to live under the Oak and with Fairyyellowbug's help, set up house. She loves the Fairyhedgepig Kingdom but dreams of travel. We have much to say about her wanderlust but suffice it to say here that she found herself a stowaway who wound up much much farther away from home than she'd imagined. Austria!

And so with that, let's begin our correspondence between Samuel the spider and Fairyyellowbug the fairy.

Darling Fairyyellowbug
If this were Paris I'd call where I am staying a 'garret' but this is Austria! I am at the top of a house staying temporarily with a lady who makes lace. My webs are never going to be the same after this! I can hardly concentrate for the smell of the pastries. Oh! Have to run now as the dinner bell is ringing. I'll write soon. Love Samuel
P.S. they will forward my mail!
P.P.S. pardon my spiderly handwriting.

To find out what this challenge is all about visit here.

To see correspondence from other players visit here.

Samuel and Fairyyellowbug will be corresponding throughout 2012. You are most welcome to follow along! As these are fairy postcards they are 3 inches X 2 inches; to get them to the regular size they just need to be enlarged 100%. See you soon! *smiles* Norma


  1. I have a huge smile across my face. Need I say more. Love your painting style for this card.

  2. OMG I love this sooo seriosuly love it! thankyou for playing, I am gonna look forward to your cards so much.

  3. I wonder if this Samuel is an ancestor of the famous Charlotte (she of the web). If so, then this promises to be an outstanding adventure!

  4. Brilliant! Love this idea! x

  5. A spider drinking hot chocolate. I'm enthralled. fabulous storyline. love your painting.

  6. oh my, this is quite fun! and
    your art is simply awesome! looking forward to the adventure.

  7. oh wow fairies! just brilliant story, really excited about this one and I love your artwork :)

  8. How imaginative, great postcard.

  9. Oh this is so different and unoque, I love that you have thought so totally out of the box, just dying to see and read more, cant wait for this weeks instalment xxx

  10. Superb idea 0- and wonderful image for the card.
    Love it!

  11. Just to echo previous replies, smiling and intrigued :)

  12. Well I think you get the award for most original script so far LOL.
    Your watercolour is also brilliant :D XXX


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