Friday, November 4, 2011

autumn fairy atc-artdoll

I forgot all about this. Back when I was doing a.t.c.s I did a few in this style. But it holds up well I think. The ivy leaves and burning bush leaves are among my fav. pressed fleurs to use in art.
This little treasure reminds me about fall and fall feelings. Have a great weekend everyone! *smiles* Norma


  1. oh,i just love her!!
    i never would have thought to do an atc art doll this is fabulous!!
    such a darling image!!

  2. Adorable, love that you use real leaves and flowers

  3. Adorable little treasure...Hugs

  4. Wow this is so cute. I miss making ATC's but that isn't going to happen til these shows are over. What a great art doll on an ATC.
    Very creative.

  5. Oh my... this ATC art doll is fantastic!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and wishing me a wonderful Birthday!
    You sound very excited to get busy creating an altered Rolodex card, what fun!!! I would love to swap with you :]
    Please email me at:
    We could go over the details, and mailing address.
    Talk soon *hugs*

  6. i've never seen an atc artdoll...yours is beautiful! i saw your post over at april cole's blog and you mentioned wanting to trade rolodex cards...i'll trade with you if you're still interested, they're very addicting! check out my blog at and let me know when you are ready to trade... blest be :)

  7. Norma you're adorable!! So glad you won my giveaway & that we had a chance to "meet".



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