Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dawn is appearing slowly

Dawn has given me a new problem. This time, it's the red at the bottom of her gown. I'd wanted to introduce a soft pink glow to a morning sky and the red I chose from the watercolor box just grabbed the paper and wouldn't let go. No matter how much water I used to flood the paper and no matter how hard I scrubbed the paper the red won't leave. So this is a problem. I decided to make that section of sky (gown) very dark blue and so that the red will hopefully show as pinkish through the blue. That's the plan anyway. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. It's all a surprise.
I solved the original problem of her hair (I hated it) by giving her a completely new head. Smaller. A new face and new 'do' - a bob. I like it much better and hopefully I'll be able to introduce pencil crayon to soften the effect and get away from strong rigid lines. We shall see!

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