Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sepia rosepetals and Black lace

I don't recall exactly what she said her name was...she told me...something beginning with an F. Maybe Flora. As I sit sipping tea on the patio, she came to mind because a waft of Jasmine from the vine next door drifted past on its' way to Cambridge Street. Flora lived on Cambridge Street. She used to sit out on the porch clutching her Bible and letting herself the scent of Jasmine drifts. She didn't seem to mind if people noticed her drifting. The kind of not minding that comes with the grace of old age. I never asked what her daydreams contained but would offer her freshly made tea and bouquets of Jasmine.
The atc paper doll is my visual of what I remember. It's traded at:
The card depicts a woman in the winter of her life holding a bible containing sepia colored rosepetals; her skirts contain technicolor memories of black lace from the springtime in her life.

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