Sunday, February 1, 2009

A word about ink

Not having the "dirt" about printing inks, I can't make an intelligent statement about their properties. I can say from experience that if you use an image cut directly from a glossy magazine (such as the fahion types so commonly available these days) you will likely encounter a frustrating snag in the creation of your artdoll. If the paper tears (which is easily does) during cutting, then the image tears away easily and seems to sort of flake off in spots, leaving white sections with no image.

And, when you glue the magazine paper to a stiffer piece of paper to act as a support, it wrinkles and buckles like crazy. Not a lot of fun. So! I use color photocopies.

I make a 'master' sheet of images, and get them color photocopied. I look for the best quality photocopy business that I can find, and gladly pay extra for the quality images that are created; the color photocopy paper is very very strong and a heavier weight than normal paper, and cuts beautifully. It holds up to handling, gluing, distressing, etc.

I'd chosen Audrey Hepburn's head for this doll, and knew I wanted to get a color photocopy to work with. So I decided to make a new 'master' sheet of images. This way, I am not wasting money paying for a whole sheet of blank paper save the one small image (Audrey's head.) I went to my clipping file and found a couple of heads and some pink roses (wrapping paper) that I'd liked. Then I took a couple of fashion magazines from the stack and clipped shoes, a purse, and two sets of legs that are graphically strong. I'm planning to use only Audrey's head from this sheet, but now have all kinds of images to use for other dolls. These images will go into the file. See that clown face? It makes me happy. He has some sort of bug on his nose. It was clipped from a National Geographic magazine.

Tomorrow I am going to the photocopy store. Talk to you soon! Creative hugs, Norma.

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